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That’s a cool graph, but what’s it mean?

   A part of the consideration for consolidation of Caddo Electric and Kiwash Electric, was a cost of service analysis performed by our consultant, CH Guernsey. The purpose of the analysis was to determine the economic viability of a consolidation versus continuing forward as separate cooperatives.
In its analysis, CH Guernsey determined four possible scenarios. Each represents increasing levels of savings following the consolidation of the two coops. The graph shown above, shows the four scenarios will represent savings of between 20 and 30 million dollars over the first 10 years after the consolidation. How exciting is that!
Considering all the environmental mandates and other regulations coming our way in the next decade or two, that is very positive news! The savings will help absorb a lot of major costs and keep rates from going up rapidly and dramatically.

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   All in all…

  The figure above shows projected rate increases and their impact with or without consolidation and based on projected savings from the four scenarios. The first line, which represents the base case, shows rates needing to go up as early as next year if a consolidation does not occur. It also shows that rates won’t be impacted until at least 2018 at worst case and as late as 2020 in the best case if the consolidation passes member vote. In addition, Guernsey’s projection shows a 10 year increase of approximately 11% with consolidation versus 16.5% without consolidation. This is a clear case of justification for a positive vote to consolidate.

For more information on our consolidation with Kiwash Electric, visit: www.caddokiwashtogether.com . You can also contact the Member Services Department at 405-656-2322.

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Members can now sign up for e-billing to receive your bill electronically instead of cluttering up your mailbox with a paper bill.  Call Caddo Electric at 405-656-2322.

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