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Positive changes in Caddo’s future?

Caddo and Kiwash boards meet to discuss joint solutions.

Caddo Electric Cooperative, located in Binger, Okla., and Kiwash Electric Cooperative, located in Cordell, Okla., are excited to announce that they have begun discussions on how the two cooperatives can work together to create a more efficient electric distribution system.

The CEC and KEC boards of trustees are reviewing possible operational efficiencies of the cost sharing of cooperative and utility services, inventory management, equipment sharing, joint utility management and/or consolidation. The boards of trustees have hired C.H. Guernsey to review the rates individually and jointly as well as the cost of service for both cooperatives.  Preliminary in house reviews have indicated increased value for economies of scale, increased financial strength, rate stability, elimination of duplicate services and additional operating efficiencies.

“The future of the electric industry is faced with environmental, regulatory and  operational changes.  The boards of trustees and management of both cooperatives believe that a potential consolidation will offer stronger solutions to face the challenges ahead,” said Clint Pack, CEO of Caddo Electric.

An extensive review is currently underway and  is being done with diligence and the best interests of both memberships in mind.

“It’s our promise to bring safe, reliable electric power to our member-owners at the lowest cost possible,” said Dennis Krueger, Kiwash Electric CEO.  “As we move forward to a possible consolidation with our neighbor, this premise will remain our top priority.”

CEC and KEC are working on a new website to post updates as they become available.  The website will launch on May 26th, 2015. Please watch for new updates on www.caddokiwashtogether.com.  Members may refer to CEC and KEC’s facebook page or contact the member service department of each cooperative for more information.

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Electronic Billing (E-Bill)
Members can now sign up for e-billing to receive your bill electronically instead of cluttering up your mailbox with a paper bill.  Call Caddo Electric at 405-656-2322.

Caddo Electric’s Online Swap N’ Shop is now LIVE

We thought that it would be a great idea to extend the Swap N’ Shop section of our newsletter to the digital world. CEC members can now register (for free) and post their items for sale, services offered & available properties on the new online Swap N’ Shop (www.caddoelectric.com/swapshop)

Backup Generator Program


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